Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Finds

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. We certainly did! 

First of all - are you on instagram? I recently signed up when I finally got my new iPhone 5 {@kolsen206} and am officially obsessed. I have no idea why I love it so much but I do. So now you can find me on: twitter, instagram, blogging, facebook. Will it ever end? 

I told Jake that he should be proud of me that I only currently use 3/6 social networking sites below. It could be worse, people!

My setup screen on instagram
On Saturday, we got to hang out with our little niece {Brynn} again {love her. so so much.} 

Is that you on the phone, aunty Kim?
We also went to CityTarget twice and bought a bunch of stuff including these towels.  They look almost exactly like the towels we bought from anthro but for half the price. #yesplease.

$9.99 at target!
I treated myself {remember #treatyoselfday from Parks & Rec} to a couple nice things.  Up first, I got this lovely jcrew pencil skirt for $60. {originally $130, marked down to $69 + additional 15% teacher discount}. I didn't get the additional 25% off because you had to spend $150 to get that deal. I was thisclose to buying a red pair of the toothpick denim jeans that I am obsessed with {they are so comfy), but they are still on sale for $89. I am waiting for them to go down to $49. Then I will be there. I pretty much check the website every day to check if the price dropped yet.

As you can see, this is instagram-ified!
I also splurged at lululemon because you can never have enough cool racerback tanks. Love my CRB's! I would wear one every day if I could.

I got a fun burgundy color for Fall!
What did you do this weekend? 

P.S. Can you believe it's October already?!?!

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