Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Restaurant Week: The Georgian

My friend Shannon and I had the pleasure of dining at the Georgian last night.  We pretty much chose the fanciest most expensive place we could when sorting through the participating restaurants on the website. It's in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel and if you are thinking what I am thinking... yes... it's the hotel-Christian-Grey stays-at-when-he-needs-to-get-away-from-Escala. Phew! That was a long one.

This is classic old world charm. Super high ceilings. Ornate decor. You get the picture.  Was the food as good as it looked based on the decor? Hell Yes! It was so delicious. I was a good blogger and took lots of pictures this time. 
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OK, I didn't take this one. But it's from TripAdvisor.
After we ordered our 3 course meal complete with wine pairings, we were offered an amouse bouche (1) I didn't quite know what that was and (2) I have never been offered one before. So fun! Per my discussion with Shan {who is cultured}, it's a bite sized hors doeu'vre to aid in preparing your appetite for the meal which was provided compliments of the chef. I don't remember what it was called but it was very rich - almost sweet and savory at the same time if that is possible.   I took a picture but its too blurry - not blog worthy.
First up - Armenian breadsticks and 4 types of butter - sweet cream, basil, shallot and ... I forgot what the last one was? Balsamic or something? It looked like chocolate to me! 

The bread was so tiny but packed a punch! It was really good.

Next was our appetizer.  Shan had soup {which I don't have a picture of}. I think it was Roasted Parsnip and Apple Bisque with honey spiced caviar and I had this little gem - Yep, It's The Olympic Caesar Salad with aged pecorino cheese.  Boo yah! And a house made crouton on the top! Pretty fancy right?

The wine pairing was delicious too. I thought the wine had "undertones of muscat". Shan laughed at me for saying undertones.

Next up was our main course and we both were debating between the same things so we each decided to order one and share! Brilliant! Shan ordered the Butternut Squash Risotto with truffle foam and tempura morel mushrooms. To die for! So so good. And the foam was actually very tasty.

I got the Seared Scallops with melted leeks, seared Yukon potato, and truffle bacon butter sauce. They do love their truffles! And so do I! Simply amazing. Best thing I ate all night. 

..And finally... the dessert. We both wanted to try the Brown Apple Semolina which tasted kind of like a piece of apple pie but way better and different. It was also very tasty.  Overall, this was one of the best meals of my life, people! So so good! 

That my friends, is a log of greek yogurt ice cream. And to the right, is a sugar glazed almond with Dulce de leche inside.  I might actually chose this as my last meal on Earth.

I want to go again! Who is in for lunch today?
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