Thursday, October 4, 2012

Seattle Restaurant Week

Well, the inevitable happened. I missed a day of blogging. I did go for almost 5 months straight... so it was bound to happen sometime.  I used to have a list of ongoing topics so that would never happen but that was saved on my old phone and I lost it when I sold my Blackberry to  Speaking of that, they received my old phone and are paying me $65 for it - which is a pretty good deal since it would just sit in a box or get recycled. I am not quite sure what they will do with it but hey, I don't really care. So if you have an old smartphone they will probably take it.  Jake even tried to sell his iPhone 3 and they would take it for $17. Jake decided that was too low for him but I would have probably done it. 

Now..... back to the main topic... 

Have you heard of Seattle Restaurant Week? It's coming up in a couple weeks and it lets you try out expensive restaurants on the cheap.  Basically the deal is that you get a special, limited 3 course menu (app, main course, dessert).  You can look at the menus online to see if they suit your fancy.. oh and the best part is that its $28 per person! I love a good deal. I am planning on hitting 3 different restaurants during Restaurant Week including RN74, Staple & Fancy and The Georgian.  It will be my first time at each of those 3 restaurants. There are hundred of restaurants participating but make sure to call and make your reservations soon because the spots fill up! Also, its only Monday thru Thursday.


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