Thursday, October 11, 2012


I read that it takes about 20 days or 3 weeks to develop a habit.  A couple months ago, I blogged about a book that I read that broke down the habit cycle.  The book clearly explains the steps on how to alter any habit that you want to change. In the words of Greg Kelly, a news anchor who has been featured on one of my favorite TV clip shows, called The Soup "It's Science" -- that actual clip is near the end of the video below, but isn't this guy the greatest and funniest thing ever? He cracks me up every time.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that I am working on developing a couple of good, new habits including:
  • I just finished week 3, day 2 of the Couch to 5K running program. I am getting my 3 days/week of cardio in but I just need to add in some weight lifting. In time, in time.
  • I am working on meal planning! Before I would just go to the store and make sure to get 5 meals for dinner. Now I am planning what meal we will eat each night -- it makes it so much easier but does take a little time. Totally worth it though.
  • Date Nights! Jake and I started going out to dinner every Friday for date night. It's really fun and I love spending the extra time together (not sitting on the couch in front of the TV, *ahem). Keeping the romance alive, right?
Have you formed any (good) new habits lately? Do share!

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  1. not a "good" habit, but i think i've eaten gelato for at least 20 days in a row so far! probably need to think about getting rid of that one if i want to lose my pregnancy weight :( it's just a nice treat after getting both kids to bed! good for you on your new habits!!