Saturday, March 24, 2018


Our Master Bathroom is finally done! While 98% of the work was completed in early February within seven business days courtesy of One Week Bath, there were a few loose ends that needed to be tied up. As I explained in my earlier post, we had to choose a new light fixture at the last minute which really threw us for a loop. And then we thought we had to choose a new toilet (but it turns out we really didn't) but we decided that since we were redoing everything that we should just order a new toilet anyway. That is what caused most of our delays finishing up the project. First the toilet we picked was ordered (or so we thought) but then we found out that it wouldn't be available for several months since it was a brand new model and hadn't been shipped out from the manufacturer yet.

So, we decided to pick out another one but we were debating between two different models and ended up going to a showroom to look at them in person. I've never thought so much about a toilet in my life. But, in the end we got the toilet (and bathroom) of our dreams (well, *almost*). I mean if it was my dream, I would have two vanities and a tub, but given our space and budget constraints I am absolutely loving our new bathroom!

To read more about our inspiration, click here. And planning, click here. The photos really speak for themselves, so without further ado....

Of course, I had to include a photo of everyone's favorite pup, Olive! We are coming up on our 5 month adopt-a-versary and I truly cannot imagine our lives without her. She is just the best! 

Here are some BEFORE photos so you can see what we started with.

So, if you are thinking the BEFORE photos aren't that bad, I would definitely agree with you. The main reason we had to redo this bathroom was because the shower wasn't properly waterproofed and we had at least two, possibly three leaks. Just knowing that those leaks were damaging our house was the absolute worst. I can't believe it's really done, we spent so much time thinking about it and waiting for loose ends to be tied up, it doesn't really seem real! It's so funny I want to shower twice a day now! I have always been a night shower kinda person, but I just get so excited to shower, I want to spend hours in there! So much more spacious than the old box shower that never really sealed in the water.

If you are in Southern California and are interested in redoing a bathroom, I highly recommend using One Week Bath. We are already planning to do redo our second bathroom with them and it is just a matter of time! Also here is my yelp review in case you are curious about the process.

A few of my favorite things:

Open Shower. I love the fact that we didn't add a shower door. We did have them brace the wall in case we ever wanted to add a door later.

The controls. How we put the shower control on the open side of the shower so that you can turn the water on without having to get wet.

The Floor. It's consistent throughout the entire bathroom, including the shower. I think it makes it feel bigger. Honestly, I wanted to do white flooring again but Jake vetoed it, and I do think the gray concrete-style does add more texture so I am happy with that choice. You guys know how I feel about white and that it's my favorite color. But, marriage is about compromise, right?

Overall, I have been very purposeful about choosing pops of color like plants and a pink bathmat because the bathroom is so neutral, I didn't want it to start looking like a hospital bathroom. So there you have it! Now that this project is done, we are embarking on some front and backyard landscaping. Jake will be prepping for that in a few days, so be on the lookout for more house updates coming soon (well, soon-ish)!