Sunday, September 23, 2018

PREGNANCY | First Trimester Update

Since the secret is finally out that we are expecting a baby boy in February (!) I am so excited to start blogging again. I'm not sure how often these posts will be but I figured I would do an update since it feels like crickets over here. I miss writing and it feels so good to just journal and write everything out. It's very therapeutic for me. As you can imagine, most of our house projects are on hold with the new addition on the way. One thing we did do is buy 18 bags of landscaping mexican beach pebble rock (and we still need more!) for the front of the house. I will share more photos on that later once it's finished. 

(13 week ultrasound) 

Back to what you came here for.... Generally the first trimester ends around week 13 although many of my apps said different things - one said it ended once you reach 12 weeks, another said 14 weeks, another said it ends once the placenta is formed. So let's just say the end of August/beginning of September is when I considered that the first trimester was over and the second was beginning. I love when things correlate to the month end/beginning. Yes, I am one of those weird people. 


Nausea - I only threw up a few times (thank god because that is the worst feeling in the world to me) but I had a lot of food aversions - meat, vegetables, spices, things I normally ate like sweets didn't sound appealing which is crazy because I am normally a DESSERT QUEEN.

Fatigue - I was very tired in the first trimester and needed to nap almost daily. Sometimes I would take two naps in one day. I have been trying to really listen to my body and give it what it needs so that I am not overdoing it. 

Cravings - watermelon / thai food / ramen / mexican food / Taco Bell (what?!?) / doritos / carbs /toast with butter and jam / yogurt and granola 

Growing Pains - I only started to feel these towards the end of my first trimester and they would be this weird pulling sensation on the sides of my stomach. I've had very minor cramps every so often but nothing else has really happened other than my belly slowly swelling, so far so good! 

Sense of Smell - This was one of my first symptoms and it was the weirdest thing! When taking a shower, I could really smell the coconut body wash very strongly (way more than I had in the past), when I traveled, the bathrooms smelled even worse than usual (uh, yuck!) and I just had a heightened sense of smell for practically everything. I would like this symptom to go away but I've heard it may stick around the entire pregnancy. 


I think the biggest thing I felt was relief that we made it to the end of the first trimester (and even just  another week as we were progressing). It is always a tough time worrying about what could go wrong, but I realized that when we made it to the end, we were that much closer to actually spilling the beans and telling the world (since our close friends and family already knew) our big news. So, overall a strong sense of relief was my biggest emotion this trimester. 


3 lbs. I did lose some weight at the beginning because of all my food aversions and the fact that I stopped drinking alcohol. So, it's been nice to feel like I have a fresh start and things aren't getting out of control (al least not yet! Ha!). 


Not great but not terrible. I have always been a side sleeper but they encourage you to sleep on your left side if you can which is the best position for baby getting blood flow (I think). I have been debating getting a pregnancy pillow but many friends said they weren't very helpful and they are kind of pricey so I am thinking of skipping it unless I get really uncomfortable towards the end. For now, I have been using a pillow between my legs and that helps to relieve pressure on my hips. 


I bought a few maternity items a couple weeks ago so I would have them ready when I need them. I've worn them a bit here and there but I am just starting to feel like my clothes don't fit now @ 17 weeks. I bought a dress and some tops from ASOS and a few tanks from Old Navy. I am debating getting a pair of yoga pants but have been living in dresses - one of the perks of living in Southern Cal is that I don't have to worry about changing out my wardrobe for the fall/winter.


We've been going to a Yoga class at the Y pretty religiously for about a year now. But, when I told the instructor the news, she mentioned she didn't know much about pregnancy and yoga and suggested that I try a pre-natal pregnancy class since there are certain things you should avoid like laying on your back and poses when you are twisting intensely. A new yoga studio opened up pretty close to our house, but they don't offer prenatal yoga -- yet. So, I am lacking in this area. We do take at least one (sometimes two walks a day) with the dog, so I am moving but not quite as much as I would like. Will keep working on this one! 


Starting to really plan and design the nursery! Finding out the gender this week was a huge milestone for us. Although I am planning a pretty gender neutral nursery anyway, knowing the gender makes me want to go out and start buying ALL OF THE THINGS! I will be sharing my plans and inspiration in the coming weeks. 

That's it for now!