Wednesday, August 14, 2013

CLT Apartment Tour

You've been waiting for this day and it's finally here! A little over a month after we arrived on Plymouth Rock in Charlotte, the magical day is finally upon us. I hesitated a bit before actually going through with this - pictures of the inside of our apartment for all the world to see??? But it's all part of being a blogger. So, sit tight, grab some cookie butter from Trader Joe's -- have you tried that stuff? There are no words. It is probably the most delicious thing I have EVER eaten.... and watch the show!

Also - this is my first time blogging from Jake's new Macbook Pro (actual photo below taken as I was writing this blog. Wait for it. Mind blow right? Matrix/Inception style.... a blog within a blog within a blog). 

Do you ever pay attention to airport codes? I seriously love them! I refer to Portland as PDX, Detroit as DTW and now... Charlotte as CLT. I also like CLE (Cleveland) and ATL (Atlanta). Anyway, I was talking to my dad the other day and he was asking me what the airport code is for Charlotte and I had to laugh.  Like father, like daughter, right?!?!

OK, OK... without further ado - I present to you our CLT Pad!

Kitchen (it's a one butt kitchen)
Island - yes, I was having some lighting problems...ignore that.
Living room view from bedroom door
Close up of my first real grown up collage. As put together by my lovely husby. 
Close up of our new ottoman via Crate & Barrel
View of living room from TV Stand (porch door to the left)

Close up on my infamous bookshelf decor. 
AND Now.... onto the BEDROOM.... 

The Master (and only) Bedroom!!!!!
A close up of the details
Loving my new full length mirror!
Jake's desk for school (as styled by me) in our bedroom
Who doesn't have a full size front loading washer and dryer in their bedroom???? 
Bathroom off of bedroom  
Storage shelves 

I'm digging the dark wood
Can you spot the Target knock off? 
The end! ..., I forgot the walk in closet! How could I forget? It's my favorite part of the whole place... well, aside from the pool, that is. 

Don't worry... Jake's clothes are off to the left
The sunset tonight was a beauty (photo taken from porch)
There you have it! Now you have seen it all... well, except the pool, and the gym and the mailboxes but you get the picture right? 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I have been working on my fitness, health and eating plan for the past couple months. I feel like trying to lose weight is such a struggle.  It's a day to day battle and when I make good decisions, I constantly want to reward myself with food - dessert, menchies, etc. But that is like taking one step forward and two steps back. Remember that Paula Abdul song??? 

Fruit @ a PDX Market
Jake and I generally try to eat healthy during the week and then sort of splurge on the weekends by eating out at new restaurants - especially since we are exploring our new city. I try to make good choices during the week but it's not always the easiest thing. 

Some of my current hot button issues are:
  • making time to exercise {at least} 3x a week,
  • prepping lunch for the week and actually eating it, 
  • and rewarding myself with something other than food.  
I saw something on pinterest that said - "I am not a dog and therefore, I will not reward myself with food."  Haha - I like it!  I have not been consistent with journaling all my meals in myfitnesspal either. So I feel like you {I} can say all you {I} want but it's your actions that really determine if you {I} get results or not. I have been really working on self-care for the past several years and a BIG part of that is eating right and exercising. I would love to hear your comments, insight or advice about the whole fitness/exercise situation.  I think I just need some extra motivation and help with setting goals.  Maybe I need a more concrete way to measure my progress? I would love to hear any app recommendations that help tracking progress. And I leave you with this quote by Kate Moss - Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

{{Stay turned -- I am working on an apartment tour in the next few weeks - we just have to finish hanging our art!!}}