Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I have been working on my fitness, health and eating plan for the past couple months. I feel like trying to lose weight is such a struggle.  It's a day to day battle and when I make good decisions, I constantly want to reward myself with food - dessert, menchies, etc. But that is like taking one step forward and two steps back. Remember that Paula Abdul song??? 

Fruit @ a PDX Market
Jake and I generally try to eat healthy during the week and then sort of splurge on the weekends by eating out at new restaurants - especially since we are exploring our new city. I try to make good choices during the week but it's not always the easiest thing. 

Some of my current hot button issues are:
  • making time to exercise {at least} 3x a week,
  • prepping lunch for the week and actually eating it, 
  • and rewarding myself with something other than food.  
I saw something on pinterest that said - "I am not a dog and therefore, I will not reward myself with food."  Haha - I like it!  I have not been consistent with journaling all my meals in myfitnesspal either. So I feel like you {I} can say all you {I} want but it's your actions that really determine if you {I} get results or not. I have been really working on self-care for the past several years and a BIG part of that is eating right and exercising. I would love to hear your comments, insight or advice about the whole fitness/exercise situation.  I think I just need some extra motivation and help with setting goals.  Maybe I need a more concrete way to measure my progress? I would love to hear any app recommendations that help tracking progress. And I leave you with this quote by Kate Moss - Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

{{Stay turned -- I am working on an apartment tour in the next few weeks - we just have to finish hanging our art!!}}

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