Monday, October 22, 2012

Restaurant Week: RN74

For our first restaurant of Seattle Restaurant week, we decided to try Michael Mina's french restaurant downtown, named RN74 (modeled after his San Francisco eatery of the same name).  Per the menu, that is the name of a route going through France wine country. RN74 = Route Nationale 74. Pretty neat! I kept trying to take a decent picture of the sign but it was so blurry. So you will have to settle for the reflection.

Unfortunately, we were trying to save some bucks so we didn't partake in the wine. I kind of felt like a cheap skate cause we didn't order anything extra, just two $28 restaurant week dinners. but once you add in tax and tip, it came out to $72. So, it's not super cheap but it's a fun way to try an expensive restaurant on the cheap. I am betting if we went "balls to the wall" and ordered wine and just regular food off the menu, we were looking at upwards of $150. So, in the end it was a good deal. 

I totally forgot to take pictures of the meal. Jake was like, do you want to take pictures and I was like no. Haha.. I totally forgot about blogging.  By the time dessert rolled around, I did remember to take some pics.

I started with mushroom soup which was delicious! Jake had steamed manila clams. For our main course, I had butternut squash rissoto with parmesan cheese. So rich and gooey! Jake had the grilled pork chop which was also very tasty (I tried a bite or two!).  

Then for dessert... you guessed it! I had the red velvet cake. It was to die for. Seriously. Jake had the nutella crepe which was also delicious. but I still think my dessert was better.

I saved the best part for last! You know how I was telling you about their spectacular wine selection? Well, they had the coolest ticker/flip board (I don't even know what it's called) that showed wine selections where they only had one bottle left (according to the guys next to our table who explained it to us). All of a sudden I heard a really loud ticking sound and the letters started to change. It's like the sign at an old fashioned train station - I was entranced. The guys at the table next to me were chucking that I was so excited. But I think they were excited about it too. So, apparently, when the bottle sells, everything moves up one line and a new bottle shows up at the bottom. It was probably the coolest thing that happened. In the history of the world. Ever. 

*Oh and that $417 bottle is from 1966. Holy crap right? 

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  1. No pics?! That's ok. I'm glad you got to see the ticker board. We missed it on our first visit, but we'll catch it on our next. :)