Monday, October 8, 2012

Home by Novogratz

Have you heard of the Novogratz? They are a husband and wife interior design team and have really inspired my current design aesthetic.  Am I allowed to say that word if I'm not on Project Runway?  
Cortney & Rob Novogratz, Via
They had a show a couple years ago on Bravo called "9 by Design" and I loved that show.  By the way, they have 7 kids! That's why the show was called "9 by Design".  The premise of that show was basically them buying super duper expense NY homes and then "flipping" them by adding in their own design aesthetic and reselling the remodeled homes for major dough. So Cortney and Rob {husband and wife team} would purchase some ridiculously expensive house, actually move into it {with their 7 kids}, design and remodel it and then put it up for sale and move again. They did this several times and it seemed really awesome but a little impractical.

The Novograts current home, for sale for only $12.4 M / { Via }
But after a couple years under the radar, they have another show called "Home by Novogratz." I just spent about 4 hours watching some of the 9 episodes on my DVR and now I want to go thrifting! Here are some of the After photos from some recent design makeovers -

I want it all! I especially love the striped staircase / Via
Love the postage stamp art! Via
Have you been inspired by anything lately? Do share!

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  1. Love their show! They have such fun and unexpected style. One of my go to's on HGTV!