Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Worst. Bus. Ride. Ever.

Do you ever feel like your life is a movie?  Maybe it's really sunny outside and you are walking and feel the breeze on your face, whilst your favorite song is playing on your iPod and you feel like your life is just perfect? Well, this morning was the exact opposite.

Let me explain.

I was reading my kindle at my regular bus stop and suddenly a bus sped by and barely even stopped.  So, I got on, not thinking anything of it and didn't realize that it was the wrong bus. I got on the #31 instead of the #33. I should have known when there was exactly 3 people on the bus which is usually packed full to the brim. I was using trying to use the OneBusAway app but apparently I don't know how it works.  Can someone please give me a tutorial? Lesson 1: Pay attention.  

So I politely asked the bus driver where I could catch bus #33. She laughed and said, up on the top of the hill. That's right, people. I had to walk UPHILL basically back to where I came from. Good thing I wasn't wearing heels today. Lesson 2: Don't wear uncomfortable shoes when commuting via bus. 

So, I walk to a stop {different from my usual stop} in time for the next #33 bus to come and I'm like... alright... this isn't too bad. But, then the bus just speeds by our stop because it is jam packed full. Like sardines. Okay... great, I am officially going to be late for work. 

Finally, another bus heading toward downtown comes but its a #24. Everyone else is getting on, so I figure I will give this one a shot. The bus is so full that I do find a seat but its in the accordion seats that twirl around as the bus turns {it's a really long bus} so it's like I'm on a carnival ride. I am thinking to myself, how could this get any worse? Lesson 3: Don't sit in the accordion seats ... Wait for it.... 

I could barely see since the seats in that section are so low, but it looked like it was approaching my usual stop.  And... when I was getting off the bus via the back door {which is how everyone is supposed to exit now} they closed the back door on me, like it literally shut while I was halfway out :( 

I seriously was like teary eyed as I walked from the bus stop to work, but the good news is that the worst commute to work is officially over. Thank God!  And now I can laugh about it. It is kind of funny.

What is your worst commute to work story? Please spill it!


  1. Poor thing! When we were in Paris I had the metro door slam on me - it hurts so bad!

  2. i have too many to share, but my favorite involves getting lost, lots of michigan snow, a ford mustang, driving up on what i thought was a road, (it was a sidewalk) and a nice man with a shovel who i am certain thought i was certifiably crazy. sorry you had a rough morning, but it sounds like you took it in stride.

    1. Haha... oh man, that is a good one! So glad we don't have a lot of snow around here.

      I once drove on railroad tracks (it was dark but not snowing) but that is another story.