Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Treasure Hunting

This past Saturday, Megan and I went to the Pacific Galleries Antique Mall - it is a huge, gigantic warehouse filled with treasures.  Megan blogged about it here. We had just an amazing time. We started the day off at Macrina Bakery - yum! where we split the buttermilk waffle. And yes, it was as delicious as it looks.

Buttermilk waffle
Is that a heart? I think my baristo had a crush on me... kidding...
After some delicious brunch, we headed over to explore the antique mall. Here are some of my favorite finds! Note, that I did not bite the bullet and purchase any of these. I will recap what we bought at the end!

My favorite treasure that I didn't buy... it was $59 for the dome and base + $21 for the coral
Loved the styling of this room... so anthro

Classy gold rimmed glasses. So festive for a bar or hutch!
Love this color! The set of two chairs was $1200 or something :(
Dying. I need this! To organize my life!
Letters galore!
For some reason, I love this. Not the $98 price tag though.
Love the colors on the book, red paired with light and dark blue. Gorg!
Vintage mannequin
And for our treasures...

Megan purchased the bottle on the right for $12.50! I like...
I got this bust of David from 1968 for $20.
I might spray paint my treasure white or yellow. Still deciding. 

After over 3 hours of browsing, we decided that we still weren't done, so we drove to Fremont and tried to look for some more stuff. But, alas, our treasure hunting was done for the day and we didn't find anything else. We did try some delicious savory pie {mac and cheese and chicken pot pie} at a place called Pie. I highly recommend!

Chicken pot pie | mac and cheese, photo via Megan
That's it! Until next time....

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