Friday, August 3, 2012

ITALY Venice | Day 12

// Venice
The colors of the buildings in Venice were incredible. Everything looked like it could be on a postcard.
DAY 12: Today marked our last travel day between cities in Italy.  We were sad to say goodbye to Lake Como after 2 short days, but excited to see what the romantic city of Venice had in store for us.  After an amazingly delicious last breakfast at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, we said goodbye to the view. I remember taking a few minutes in one of the empty ball rooms and just closing my eyes and soaking this view in. I said, when I open my eyes again, "I want to be in Lake Como" and there I was. I wish that still worked.

//Sidenote: Did you see that my love Channing Tatum {and his wife} were in Lake Como at the same time we were {except they were visiting George Clooney and his gf Stacy Keibler}??!? Did we run into him? Sadly, no. So close, yet so far.  
Where we ate breakfast every morning in LC {Grand Hotel Tremezzo}

Jake {and I} drove our trusty rental car back to Milan to return it and we took the train to Venice.  We had some quick sandwiches for lunch at the train station and we were off! This was our longest train ride yet {around 3 hours}. So, we didn't arrive in Venice until later in the afternoon.  Upon arrival, we took Vapretto #2 {think public bus on water} down the Grand Canal to the Rialto Bridge stop. The Vapretto rides were expensive, at 7 euros a pop  - but since we were only going to be there for 1.5 days, we decided to skip the 2-day pass and pay for each ride individually. We ended up getting a free ride once because we didn't realize we had to validate our tickets. Oops.

On the Vapretto // There is that pesky hair bun again. And, am I wearing the same shirt as in the Capri hair bun pic?
We walked through a maze until we saw the sign for our hotel:  Starhotels Splendid Venice! We checked in and got upgraded again {thanks, Katie!} to a canal view room. Woohoo! Photo's below of our room:

Our lounge area
View from the room's entrance
The most modern room we stayed at in Italy
Tiny bathroom! I did like the colorful toiletries!
Our view to the left
Our view to the right
Jake is pondering or praying?
After checking out our hotel room {one of our favorite things as we moved from city to city was seeing what each hotel room looked like; including checking out the toiletries!}, we followed Rick Steve's advice: we got lost. Seriously. After a quick stop at the Rialto Bridge, we tried our best to get lost in the maze that is Venice.

On the Rialto Bridge
Rialto Bridge in all it's glory
Guess what's in the background? It's the Rialto Bridge, bitches! Too much?
Love the color and striped shades
Picture perfect! View from Rialto
I love how the window shades are different shades of green/blue
Loved the colors of the shades against the water
After being "intentionally lost" for quite some time, we decided that we needed to eat dinner {it was now past 8:00 pm and my feet were sore. Are you noticing a theme here??? My feet got sore a lot.}.  We randomly chose a restaurant and it actually ended up being pretty good, well.. it was OK.  Osteria Al Portego is where we ended up. First order of business: deciding what kind of wine we should drink.

A couple of white wines {by the glass}, we each ended up trying a couple different wines! So fun!
Second order of business: decide on our food. 

Daily handwritten menu in Italian (no English translations) - I like!
Jake's pasta with seafood {he really liked ordering this at a lot of different places!}
My eggplant lasagna
The food was mediocre but the atmosphere and wine were good. Overall, I'm glad we found a place to eat because this girl was hangry. Do you know what hangry is? It's when you are so hungry, that you become angry. I'm not proud of it -- but it kind of happens a lot. Anyway, after dinner we walked back to our hotel and relaxed {as per usual}.  I  went to bed looking forward to our jam packed, last :( day in Venice {and Italy}.  Stay tuned for my last daily recap on Monday!

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  1. hangry!!!! love it!! happens to me ALL.THE.TIME! thanks to you now i have a word for it :)