Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I don't know when I started liking succulents but when I was planning my wedding in 2010 and 2011, I thought they "weren't my style" and didn't go with my theme. But, I totally love them now and wish I had incorporated them somehow!!! Oh hindsight, you are so funny sometimes.  I saw a really cute succulent display at metro market a couple weeks back {it was in an adorable yellow pot and just the cutest thing ever.} It was also 30 bucks. Ouch. As Jake told me, you are mostly paying for the pot.  That makes sense.  But - sometimes I am too lazy to get my butt in gear and look all over at 83473 stores to try and find what I am looking for when its 30 little dollars {for the record, 30 dollars is a lot...but you know what I mean} and I can avoid the stress of trying to find this exact vision that I have. Anyway, my friend Megan says I can find succulents for $2-4 a pop at Home Depot. Megan made a little chalkboard planter with her succulent. Adorable, right?

So, I plan to take a look at Home Depot this weekend.  I might even buy this many!

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Probably not. But who knows. Then hopefully I can find a cute pot to replant them in. 

Actually - some of our friends got us a house warming plant when we moved into our apartment two years ago and it looks kind of like this:

Our succulent looks a lot like this one.
Who knew it was a succulent!?! We replanted basically moved the clay pot into a new pot this weekend and I must say it looks really good! I'm so excited to add more to my collection. Sadly, I don't have a picture of the new pot {bad blogger, I know}.

Happy Wednesday! We are closer to the weekend in front of us than the one we left behind. Woohoo!

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