Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Cleaning

This weekend I was inspired to de-clutter our bookshelf so that meant we had to go though each green and white box below and clean things out and organize.  We ended up throwing a lot of stuff away and taking a couple bags to goodwill. It was so nice to get organized, not because we are moving out {we aren't} but, just because. 
We went through all the books we had in our bookshelf and categorized them into 3 groups: display books, reference books, and novels. The display books are on the shelf in the after picture below.  The reference books are in our apartment, hidden away :) and the novels are in our storage unit. For now.




Doesn't she {the bookshelf - what else?} look so much better? The first thing I did was arrange our display books by color and size. Then, I just started playing with placement. I don't really know if there is a science to styling a bookcase. But, I just played around until I found something I liked.  I also used this blog as a resource.  I am sure I will change little things here and there. And I am not done yet, which is why I am not showing you the bottom two shelves. ;) Always a work in progress...  


  1. So glad our post helped you style your shelves! Love to hear that! :)

    Looking good so far!! Looove the typewriter!

  2. Love the transformation! Your shelves look wonderful. Mine are just awful. Totally boring.