Monday, August 20, 2012

I won!

I am one of those people that feel like they never win anything, yet I still enter my name in just about every drawing/giveaway I see. Well, folks, I won something! One of my new favorite blogs is: Vicki Christine. This gal is seriously preggers but she still dresses cuter than I do. How is this possible? Since when did I start saying gal? Anyway... here is the giveaway I won, it's a 14k gold filled charm necklace by Julianne Designs {i picked "k" of course}!  Check out Vicki's blog if you are so inclined.  You won't be disappointed.

14k gold filled charm necklace // i won!
It came in the mail this weekend! isn't it lovely? I am wearing my new necklace today! How fun is it to actually win something for a change.  Check out Julianne's etsy shop here

It came in a lovely box!
Here she is!
 Here is a link to buy the necklace I won in case you can't live without it!

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  1. congrats girl!! so glad you entered! i'm one of those people too - never a winner! wah! ;) thanks for the blog love! xo