Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday!

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Happy Labor Day Weekend, folks! What are our plans you ask? A whole lotta nothin! Just kidding... but really, we are just going to veg out on the couch, catch up on our my DVR shows {project runway, what not to wear, SYTYCD}, go succulent shopping, and maybe a little bit of real shopping. I just got paid today and it's seriously burning a hole in my pocket bank account. Because those are the things that make me happy. I promise I am working on being less materialistic. 

I was just reading And Then She Saved, a blog that my friend Megan turned me on to. It's a really inspiring story about a woman who paid off all her consumer debt in two years by saving. Amazing, right? I always keep her in the back of my head when I do go shopping. She has all kinds of stuff on her blog, like "how to decide if you really need to buy something" cards to take with you to the store. Pretty cool, right? I should probably print some out to have in my wallet at all times.

Oh - and I think I am going to do a new column on the blog called Friday Quotables. Every Friday. Good stuff, right?

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