Friday, December 28, 2012

Are you GAGA?

I am so thrilled to be attending my 2nd Lady Gaga concert in January! The concert is exactly two weeks away [14 days]!! She is kicking off her North American tour in Vancouver, BC and me and some of my lady friends and heading up there. I am very very very excited. 

In Summer 2010, it was the Monster Ball and this year it will be the Born This Way Ball! Part of the reason that I am completely obsessed with her is that she has the most incredible message - be who you are and you will be accepted. No ifs, ands or buts.  Hearing her message live, in 2010, almost moved me to tears. And her voice live is absolutely off the charts. Amazingly good!

Here are a few photos from my first Lady Gaga concert in August 2010.

Amy did our makeup
Photoshoot at our apartment before we made the trek to the Tacoma Dome!
Now, onto the most important question.... what to wear????

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