Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Some people look at New Years Eve, or {NYE} as kind of a pointless holiday. And I can kind of see where they are coming from. It's kind of like Valentines Day or one of those artificial holidays created by Hallmark. 

This holiday is very special for me because I met Jake on New Year's Eve 2006/2007! I'm sure many of you have heard this story a million times. It's very special to me, so I thought I would reminisce in honor of NYE. 

2012/2013 NYE in Portland visiting friends
I was in Seattle, visiting a friend from college over Christmas break during my senior year of college. We were planning on going out in Seattle for the big NYE night out. But, at the last minute, we decided to stay at her parent's house in Everett because our other friend's mom didn't want us out driving around with all the "crazies". So, I thought... great...a New Year's Eve party in Everett with my girlfriends. But, it turns out that my friend's brother's invited a couple of their friends {Jake being one of them}.... throw in some back to back dancing to Justin Timberlake 's Sexy Back... and the rest is history. Here are some photos from that night - unfortunately, Jake and I didn't take any together but that was probably for the best ;)

When the night was young...
Close up!
Peek a Boo!
Dancing Time!
Singing to Regina Spektor and doing the "seagull"
 Happy 2013! I am looking forward to a new year and new beginnings!

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