Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hello, internet! I have been a little behind in posting because I got a new job {woohoo} and life is crazy busy and we are moving in 2 weeks! You get it. I had a mini-vacation from Jan 5 - 13 between jobs so it was really nice to sleep in, work out, go grocery shopping, and just not worry about anything at all.

I spent the weekend in Vancouver, BC, Canada for the Lady Gaga concert. I learned that you can put your iPhone on airplane mode and use the hotel wifi for free to use safari, imessage, instagram, etc. Let's just hope I did everything right and don't get a cell phone bill for a million dollars. It's so hard to "completely unplug"!

Here are some snaps from my weekend.  If you follow me on instagram {@thevintagemodern} then I apologize because you probably already saw all these:

View from our hotel room. Not a cloud in the sky.

The BTWB Tourbus!
The group of 6 girls - We <3 GAGA!

The concert {and lighting} was amazing!
I tried "poutine," a Canadian specialty. fries + gravy + cheese = AMAZING!
I also went to joeys for the first time! I had a lobster grilled cheese. BOMB!
You know how much I love food which is why I *had* to include those pictures!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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  1. those fries look awesome. and i love poutine.

    i'm a new follower.