Thursday, December 6, 2012

Clever Girls Collective

I recently applied {and was accepted} to be a part of a company called "Clever Girls Collective". What is that, you ask? 

They are a social media marketing agency who works with a network of bloggers. I haven't participated in any campaigns yet (I am just getting started). They basically work with a bunch of different companies on campaigns which bloggers help participate in. It's one of the world's largest blog networks, according to their facebook page. 

They basically match up companies that want to sponsor posts with bloggers (like myself) and a whole bunch of other things too. 

If you are interested in joining, here is more information (from their website):
  • We are a technology-driven social media network. Our platform connects brands with social influencers while offering social influencers exciting content monetization.
  • Our vetted network of 7,000 influencers (bloggers, vloggers, Tweeters, Pinners, Instagrammers…) reach more unique visitors every month than Twitter.
  • Our social influencers create fresh and engaging branded content for our clients at scale. Our network amplifies brand messages across social channels to reach target audiences everywhere.
  • Our offering [powerful network + robust products + custom platform] is unique and best-in-class. Our process is proven.
For more info about who they are looking for, click here.  For more info on what they offer, click here. Let me know if you sign up!

So, hopefully it will be a wonderful partnership for many years to come! Cheers! **Don't worry - I will stay true to my aesthetic, style. etc... and all that jazz. 

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