Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cal's American Kitchen

Last Friday, Jake and I were supposed to go to Bravehorse Tavern for our newly revived weekly date night.  Jake came to pick me up from work at 4:30 and waited for a few minutes. When I got into the car, it wouldn't start -- so we ended up calling roadside assistance for a jump start.  We took the car to our local repair shop because we were worried about the battery, sure enough, we did need a new battery.  

Long story short, we didn't go to Bravehouse Tavern - we tried, but it was packed. And for some reason they have a weird system which is essentially seat yourself and it doesn't really work if you have to wait - it's just not fair... Anyway, we had been wanting to try a new restaurant just a couple blocks down from Bravehorse Tavern down in South Lake Union {SLU} called Cal's American Kitchen. And boy, am I glad we did!

We decided that we would do a "cheat day" - Jake ordered a beer and I ordered a rosemary mule for starters.  My drink was delicious. 

Our "happy "hour" drinks {except it wasn't happy hour}
I love the swig of rosemary, for good measure
For our entrees, we decided to order two different things and split them - I ordered fried chicken which came with two delicious sides and Jake ordered the classic beef burger - with a fried egg, per my request. I don't have a pic of his burger, but here is the fried chicken:

Friend chicken with mustard greens and yams & biscuit
Needless to say, we were stuffed after we each ate our dinner. Jake couldn't even finish his half of my friend chicken so we took it home and had lunch the next day.

I was very impressed overall - I liked the decor and ambiance but the chicken wasn't the best friend chicken ever. It was OK. I would definitely go back and check out some more entrees.  Plus, we love the SLU neighborhood so much.  

1.5 Thumbs up for Cal's American Kitchen!
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