Monday, December 17, 2012


We have been so lazy to go grocery shopping, it's actually really bad.  Last week we just gave up and decided to try Amazonfresh which delivers your groceries for free if you spend > $100.  I checked their website and discovered that they do deliver to our address {its pretty selective, so I would check your address before you get too excited}.

Right outside our door!
It felt like Christmas Day!

It took me about 30 minutes to complete my online shopping order. Get this: I completed my order by 9:00 am last Tuesday and I picked the delivery slot for the next business day before 6:00 am.. and they were on time! So in less than 24 hours I had everything on my doorstep.  Pretty cool right?

I will say this - it's expensive. The quality is great but $6.30 for a small tub of crumbled feta was hard to swallow {not literally}. I guess we decided that it was worth it convenience wise. The produce looked to be in pretty good shape and overall I thought it was a worthwhile experience. I would highly recommend it if you absolutely hate going to the grocery store like we do.

I have tried before but the qualify didn't appear to be on par with Amazon fresh.

Have you tried any fun online shopping adventures lately?

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