Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

It is so nice to wake up to a sunny Monday! Even though its Monday {collective sigh}, I already feel like I am in a better mood because of the nice weather. Crazy how the weather can affect your mood.

This weekend, I went shopping and bought 2 maxi dresses for Italy {one striped, one solid}! I had to get one hemmed at Nordstrom so I will have to go pick that up later this week, but I am really excited! Free alterations if you buy something at full price! It's my first time doing that, so we will see if they do a good job. See how its a tad too long?

Other items of note: On Sunday, I downloaded all of the free Rick Steve's podcasts/audio guides on Italy. It's really cool - instead of having to pay for the museum podcast or try to read signs in another language, you just download the Rick Steve audio guides before you trip and voila: you have a free audio guide to "guide" you through whatever museum you are touring. I have also heard that a lot of the signage in the museums is in Italian {no surprise here, but I just never really thought it through}. So I am thankful for those!

I  also bought... a money belt {I'm cool like that}. I did some extensive reading on this and decided that we would buy one money belt for Jake to wear.  I will either get a cross body bag or maybe nothing. I guess we do need someplace to store the camera. We also were watching videos of people getting pick-pocketed on you-tube just so we could prepare ourselves to be on the lookout. They are so sneaky! I am trying not to get too panicky about it, but it is definitely a real threat. So, I will plan to be aware of my surroundings at all times, but, as Jake reminded me, we have to also enjoy our time and not be constantly worried about protecting our belongings. The moral of the story: Less is more. Travel light and only bring what you need each day.

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