Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Magic Mike Movie Review

In case you were wondering if we got in last night-- we did! The whole experience was actually really cool.  I arrived at the theater around 4:30 (movie started at 7:00). There were approximately 10 people in front of me in line. I was pumped because I knew we were getting in! One of my best friends Megan met me around 6:00 with some dinner from Chipotle. It had never had Chipotle before and it was actually really good. So, after about 40-50 people cut in front of us, they opened the theater doors around 6:30. There were a lot of seats saved for media/press but we ended up getting pretty good seats {middle, center}.  A big burly man told us to turn off our cell phones and if we didn't, we could face a fine of $2 million and prison time.  I guess this is more strict than a normal movie since its a pre-screening. 

Megan and I in front of the gigantic sign | @ Magic Mike
 A few notes:
1. There were so many weirdos that came out of the woodwork for the "free" event. Like old (aged 50+), guys with long white hair. Why in the world that guy wanted to watch CT in Magic Mike... I do not know.

2. People are so annoying.  Waiting in line with people for 2+ hours is pretty interesting. There were a lot of annoying wives who had a million annoying stories to tell.  I overhead these exact words: {She wrote her name on the block of cheese. Why would I eat your regular cheese? I only eat soy cheese.} Riiiight.

3. The demographic I expected was way different than what actually showed up. Per my discussion/re-hash of the nights events with Jake when I got home from the movie, we think that has to do with the "free" part of the event than the subject matter. I was expecting mostly all women ages 20-30.  There was actually probably 25% males and a lot of older women. Cougars, I guess.

Oh man... now to the actual movie. It was amazing! Like... so so good! First, there is the Channing Tatum {CT} eye candy. He is such a good dancer. Today, I am seriously going to buy the Step Up BLU RAY {dang it, it won't be released until July 3rd} so I can watch him dance whenever I want in the privacy of my own home. Dang, he could be on So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) for sure. I only wish there were more dance sequences.  He was definitely the star though. I was reading the wikipedia for Magic Mike and it says it is a comedy. I thought it would be more of a drama, but I think I am going to classify it as a "drama-dey" {See what I did there? I combined comedy and drama}. All the male dancers were amazing and really fun to watch.  The love story is a bit weak {I noticed Channing didn't kiss anyone during almost the entire movie}. I bet women wouldn't have liked that.  I know I wouldn't have! I highly recommend you go see this movie. The rotten tomatoes rating is currently an 86%! I am definitely planning to watch it again in the theaters. And probably buy the BLU RAY for that matter.

Right after the movie, I would say I look pretty happy!
 I would love to hear your comments!  Read Megan's review here.

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