Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not that I'm Counting or Anything

Yesterday.. or today, depending on how you are counting marks 30 days til our trip! Are you freaking out like me? I was telling one of my friends that I am weirdly scared about the trip now. I was all excited about planning and figuring it all out, but now the reality is hitting me. We are going to be in a different country where people speak a different language. Signs will look weird. The money will be different... and I guess its natural to go through these phases. But, that's where I am now. I am sure everything will all work out great {and I will have some horror stories to tell}, but for now, I am trying to be calm, cool and collected. You can't plan everything, right? {Just say "you're right, Kim"} On the bright side, look at the pool we will be spending a weekend lounging at in Lake Como? I know, right. It's gonna be incredible.

The Pool at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo | our hotel for 2 glorious nights | Via flickr
If you click on the "flickr" link above, you can see many more pictures of the hotel if you are into that sort of thing like I am. I may or may not look through said album on a daily basis. *ahem*.

I am now focusing on my packing list. And I am kind of obsessive about this. I have printed out several articles and blog posts about what to pack and I am spending this week refining my packing list. I am planning on finalizing it this weekend and hopefully, I will start packing and picking up any last minute items next week (6/11-15). We are going to be out of town on the last two weekends in June, so really, this weekend and next weekend are our last weekends to get errands done and make sure we have everything we need. I will share my list {and blog resources} in the next few weeks, once its final. But, in case anyone wants to see someone that is more obsessive than I am about packing, have a look here. Crazy {in a good way}, right?

Are you getting excited about any upcoming vacations? Comment below!


  1. Kim your planning is admirable and amazing. last summer Damien and i went to London and Paris for two weeks. I too was nervous about the language barrier and being in another country blah blah blah... I was actually surprised how kind and helpful people were. I bet you too will be just fine and it will actually make you want to travel more. the things you are worrying about will probably all turn out just fine or like you said make for sone good stories. one bit of advice for driving is to find out if they have toll roads and make sure you have cash money to pay when driving.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Anne! I really appreciate your insight. It definitely makes me feel better that I am not/wasn't the only one feeling this way.

  2. So freaking jealous of that pool! Please blog about it and post a pic so I can live vicariously.