Friday, June 1, 2012

Bachelor Weekend

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jake will be out of town for the weekend on his annual golf trip with friends to Eastern WA -- and of course I will miss him. But, sometimes it's really fun to have some time apart and do whatever you want whenever you want. In my post title above, I am referring to myself as the "bachelor", just so it's clear :)

Sometimes Jake goes out of town for work (about 2x/year) and I always joke around about what I am going to do while he is away. Actual things I have done: had cereal for dinner (I do this a lot when he is gone and I am too lazy to make anything), got an oreo mcflurry from the mcdonalds drive thru and then argued with myself about how many calories it has (it has less calories than a blizzard in case you were wondering.), stayed in my pajama's all day long and not left the house. Sounds pretty fun, right?!?

Even though its completely off topic, I had to share this picture I took in the grocery store parking lot yesterday. My 2005 Volvo s40 is on the left and on the right is an old vintage Volvo (with collector plates). I am not sure what year it is or if its even the same model, but I just thought it was kind of funny. I wonder if the driver even noticed when he parked his car right next to mine. Gotta love the evolution.

My Volvo s40 on the left | Collector's edition on the right

So far this weekend I have planned: SATURDAY: Spa day (brow wax, hair color, cut) at The Loft Salon, lounge time at home to catch up on my DVR shows, dinner with friends. SUNDAY: Completely open. Actually, I probably have to do a little grocery shopping. I should get some peonies too! Those always brighten up our apartment.

That's all folks! Have a great weekend!


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