Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Questionnaire

I got these questions from here.

1. Mood:
Tired {is tired a mood?} and looking forward to our trip to Montana for my friend's wedding and ...Italy!

2. Who makes your favorite hand cream?
Ok, I totally read that as "ice cream" the first time and then I read question 7 and was like... why are there two questions about ice cream? Refer to #1. But, I do like this hand cream from Anthropologie. It's called Lollia.

3. What are your favorite slang words/phrases?Haha, I like to say "bones" instead of money (i.e. this shirt costs 28 bones). I like to abbreviate everything to the shortest amount of syllables possible. For example, I sometimes say "def" instead of definitely and "peeps" instead of friends. I guess "peep"s is short for peoples? I also like the new craze of saying "cray" instead of crazy a la Jay-Z. That guy is a genius. Is there anything he can't do? I also love the guy on SNL who parodies him. Remember... I'm kind of a gangsta.

4. Are you able to do detailed desk work while listening to music?
Sometimes. I will usually listen to music during the day at work - not all day, but when I have to do certain data entry type stuff, I will put on my tunes. And I am currently listening to the top 100 on Spotify.

5. What’s guaranteed to make you roll your eyes?
I actually don't roll my eyes that often. At least I think I don't. But probably watching Kris Jenner on The Kardashians. That woman is nuts!

6. What’s a makeup or beauty product that reminds you of someone?
Ugh, stupid men's cologne reminds me of ex-boyfriends. Whenever I get a wiff of it while I am out or something I always have a quick flashback.

7. Where do you go for good ice cream?
I'm sure this will change after Italy, but in Seattle it's gelatimo in Ballard. Have you tried their pistachio? Amazing!

8. Would you rather see or be seen?
Be seen. I always pick out my outfit each day hoping that sometime will like it and tell me :)

9. Time to style your raggedy mop. Where do you go?
I have been wanting to try this braid bar {dang it - CLOSED} in Seattle, but the salon I go to for cuts and colors is The Loft.

Weekly goals: Exercise 3x this week {1 down, 2 to go}, try not to spend money {We need every dollar for Italy}, and try not to stress too much about packing and last minute stuff for our trips.

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