Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Five | Vol. 6

I am starting to really like putting these Friday Five posts together! I must say: It's kind of fun to curate it all week long and it gives me a place to put all of my random ramblings.  

This SNL Bad Girls video short is everything. Drop everything and watch it now. 

The more you know: so this week I learned that "netflix and chill" doesn't really mean netflix and chill. Dang it, I feel old now.  

In honor of turning thirty-one next week, (it doesn't seem as bad if I spell it out), I will be doing a special post about things I've learned since turning 30. Stay tuned! In case you're interested, here is my post from last year about turning 30.  

Last weekend, we went to the movies for the first time in a while. We saw Black Mass and it was really good. Funny story: I totally thought Jesse Plemons character was Matt Damon. Nope.  

If you've ever been to Seattle, you've probably been to the infamous gum well. Well, it's getting cleaned this week. Fear not - once it's been cleaned, we can return to putting our gum on it. Phew, that was close.   

Happy Weekending,

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