Monday, November 16, 2015

30 Things I've Learned Since Turning Thirty

Since turning thirty, approximately 365 days ago, I've really been reflecting on what I've learned, what kind of person I want to be, how I want to live my life and most of all what's important to me.  I never understood this quote until now, but youth is wasted on the young. Of course, thirty is not "old" by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a big turning point for me in my life and I find that I do think about things in a different way than I did just a few years ago.  I really find that the older I get, the more I 'come into myself'. I feel more comfortable, confident and happy in my life. I am no longer embarrassed thinking about the station wagon my parents used to drive, but I recognize that as a symbol of the times.

I recently took a continuing education (CPE) class where we discussed the different generations and how best to collaborate together in a work environment. I learned that I am a Millennial (born between 1980 - 1997) and I really resonated with a lot of what I heard about my generation: we prefer email/texting over face to face interaction, we believe in a flexible work environment and we consider work/life balance very important in our lives.  So, without further ado: 

30 Things I've Learned Since Turning Thirty


1. I'm constantly learning and I will never not be a student.

2. I no longer get carded and that is perfectly OK.

3. Skincare, skincare, skincare.

4. Whatever I want in life, I can do/have/be. No excuses.

5. Who cares what everyone else is doing. Do what I want to do.

6. I can either make myself strong or miserable. The amount of work is the same.

7. Be Happy.

8. Change is the only constant.

9. Work hard, play harder.

10. Make the best decision I can with the information I have at the time.

11. Don't look back.

12. Be a fountain, not a drain.

13. Give myself credit for everything I've accomplished so far.  

14. Be in the moment. 

15. I'd rather have flowers on my table than diamonds on my neck. 

16. If I want something, just ask. The worst they can say is no.  

17. Never give up. 

18. It's the little things that often add up to the big things. 

19. Know my own self worth and don't accept anything less. 

20. Experiences are worth more than things. 

21. Only I can make myself happy. 

22. Travel, travel, travel.

23. Don't do anything because I think I 'should'.

24. I don't need to apologize for everything. 

25. It's okay to say 'no.'

26. The difference between who I am and what I want to be, is what I do. 

27. Do not spoil what I have by desiring what I have not. But, remember that what I have now was once among the list of things I so once desired. 

28. It's okay to have bad hair days. Especially in the South. 

29. Have dessert. 

30. Life is basically all the stuff I have to do to get from coffee to rooftop cocktails.  

So -- cheers! Here's to another year of food, fun and travel -- and learning more about myself.  Have you had a milestone birthday recently? What's the best thing you've learned in the last year? Share in the comments section below. 



  1. WONDERFUL post, friend! I found myself nodding my head along while reading this entire post. Excellent advice!

  2. Love this post! So many of these are true for me right now. Learning them as I go.