Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Local Eats: Duck Donuts

Since relocating to Charlotte in 2013, we have been on the hunt for some amazing fresh donuts. Living in Seattle, there were tons of delicious donut options: Top Pot, Mighty-o, Daily Dozen at Pike Place... you get the idea.  

We tried Dunkin' Donuts. Not impressed. Krispy Kreme? Snooze. And then we sort of gave up. My co-worker told us about MJ's Donuts down South but we could never seem to make it there on time before they would sell out -- and they sell out pretty early.  We had also heard about Your Mom's Donuts but this was before they had a physical storefront -- and they are located in Matthews so it's a bit of a drive from the city.  Joe's Doughs are pretty good but their storefront has yet to open and the donuts are only available occasionally though their pop-up shops at The Daily Press.

So, what's a girl to do when she's craving freshly baked donuts? Jake and I once got so desperate that we drove all the way to another town -- Harrisburg to a place called Granny Mac's Bakeshop {they have since CLOSED}. They had red velvet donuts! They were tasty, but nothing too special. Plus, driving over 20 miles for donuts seemed like a little much to me. We do live in a big city, but until recently there have not been any good options for warm, fresh donuts. 

Until now, that is... 

Duck Donuts Charlotte

Enter Duck Donuts - a mere 7 minute drive from our apartment. They just opened a few months ago, but this could be dangerous. I was so excited to try their donuts that I got up early and went to pick up a few before work last Tuesday. I joked on Instagram that some people get up early to work out, while I get up early to eat donuts. How were they? Let's just say that I was VERY impressed!  

Their donuts are made to order and you can choose from a list of coating and topping choices. I made sure to take a copy home to study so I am prepared next time we are at the counter :) 

Duck Donuts Kenilworth Commons Charlotte

When the weekend came, I dragged Jake along with me so I we could try a few more flavors. 

Duck Donuts Charlotte

Fresh donuts, all ready for toppings!  

Duck Donuts

These ladies are in charge of putting the delicious toppings on the made to order donuts. 

Ducks Donuts

Our box-o-donuts. Left to Right, clockwise: Maple Bacon, Glazed with Coconut, Vanilla with Sprinkles and the Bare Donut. You read that right. Jake got a simple plain donut with no toppings. But he enjoyed it. So whatever floats your boat, I guess? 

Duck Donuts

If you are ever in Charlotte, you must check out this place. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just love these donuts that much. The end.

P.S. I'm categorizing this post under 'design'. Because I don't have a Food category. And apparently all I've been blogging about lately is food. Oh well. 

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