Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Five | Vol. 2

Who's excited for the second installment of Friday Five?! I'm writing this post from Miami but you better believe that once Jake arrives later this evening, we're going to party it up. And by that I mean go to dinner and then probably come home and go straight to bed. It's one of the many perks of being in your thirties. Beauty sleep > drinking excessively all night.

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Have you read this article about a woman who quit her job to travel for a yearlong honeymoon? Wanderlust, anyone?

Do you wear a fitness tracker? I am obsessed with my Jawbone UP. My favorite part is the sleep stats. I should do a post on this. 

My super secret trick for charging my iPhone is setting it to airplane mode while charging. It charges up to 100% in 20-30 minutes max. Also, if I know I'm going to be out and about and I want to save "juice", I frequently turn it to airplane mode and it'll maintain the current charge until I turn it off airplane mode. 

Have you tried Blue Apron? I did a review post here if you missed it. 

I'm obsessed with these ear climber earrings. I ordered them a few weeks ago after my co-worker raved about them and now I cannot stop wearing them. 


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  1. Airplane mode is such a secret weapon for many things, huh!? I'm totes jealous of your Miami life but have to agree--partying it up now means dinner and bed! Lol! Hurry home!