Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Five | Vol. 3

Good Morning from Chicago, lovelies! 

It's been quite the hectic week for us, but all good things. Last week, I headed down to Miami for a work meeting, and then Jake came and we checked out the city over the weekend. This week, Jake traveled to Chicago for a conference and I arrived last night to explore the city with him. His conference was at a hotel near the airport so we could see the airport runway and watch planes land from our room. It reminded me of when I was a little girl when we moved to Hawaii from Michigan. We had to stay a night in California and we stayed right near LAX.  My brother and I just watched planes land for hours -- we were mesmerized. I just got really nostalgic. Does that ever happen to anyone? Just me? 

Now, onto the Friday Five: 

Have you seen this hilarious Activewear video? You have to watch it. You're welcome. 

I was reading the latest issue of Travel & Leisure magazine and came across this article about a  luxury travel company that plans trips and get this -- you don't know the destination until you arrive at the airport. They tell you what kind of clothes to pack but that's about it. Can you imagine? I kind of love the idea -- and then I saw the price tag -- from $18,500 per week, per traveler. I told Jake about it and decided that we should do our own version of this (i.e. I plan and he doesn't know and the other way around). Thoughts?

I'm in Chicago for the first time and we're going to Girl and the Goat for dinner tonight and I couldn't be more excited. I don't know if I've ever been more excited for a meal in my life. 

Do you use Kayak for planning your trips? I do and I'm obsessed with it. Once you set up your account, you just forward all of your travel confirms to a special email address and they automatically get added to your itinerary. I love being organized and I'm all about efficiency. 

Have you tried mobile ordering from your Starbucks app? I just did last week and it's amazing.  It's great if you order when you're a few minutes away and then you can literally just walk in and pick up your drink. 

Have an amazing weekend! 


  1. HI friend!! I hate that you're away this weekend but have lots of fun in Chi town! My kids would be so jealous! I haven't used the mobile app ordering from starbucks yet but maybe I will try it out this weekend!

  2. Ahh I'm going to Girl and the Goat in a few weeks when I visit Chicago, I can't wait!

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