Monday, October 26, 2015

Hiking Fools

Jake and I were on a real hiking kick this summer -- it forces you outside in the fresh air, you get exercise and my favorite -- you're rewarded with view at the end. It all started when I began researching about the Blue Ridge Parkway and we took 3 trips there in less than the span of a month. There is nothing on this earth like the Blue Ridge Parkway but it is 2 hours away from Charlotte, which is a little much for a day trip. We did that once and probably won't do it again. So, we searched for closer options and stumbled upon Crowders Mountain. We actually went there last fall for a walk around a cute lake but didn't end up doing any actual real hiking. 

Fast forward to this Summer: We did the Backside Trail which is pretty short (0.9 mi) but very steep. It took us about 45 mins up and then probably 20 minutes down. It was a strenuous hike so it's not for the faint of heart.     

Crowders Mountain

It's better to go early since the parking lot fills up and as the day goes on, the sun heats up too! 

Crowders Mountain

The view from the top is gorgeous, especially since there aren't many other tall obstructions in the way. On a clear day, you can see for 25 miles. 

Crowders Mountain

In order to take the photo below, I actually went to the edge and Jake was feeling a little nervous. After I came back, he was saying he couldn't believe I actually went out so far. What can I say? I'm conquering my fears, one hike at a time. 

Crowders Mountain

Heading back down the million stairs, as we started our descent... let's just say it's easier going down than up. 

Crowders Mountain

Have you ever hiked Crowders Mountain or any other hikes near/around Charlotte? The Charlotte Agenda posted a really great resource for any Charlottean's out there -- It's 22 hikes within 90 minutes of Charlotte. And If you aren't in Charlotte, here are Top 50 Long Distance Hikes in the US.



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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I've never hiked before! I might need to change that!