Friday, November 16, 2012

Holi-DIY @ Anthropologie

My bestie Megan and I went to happy hour after work yesterday {woo!} and then headed over to the annual anthropologie DIY holiday crafting event at the downtown Seattle store.  The project was color blocked coasters - lead by none other than Cassandra of Coco + Kelley! We were a little star struck but didn't want to be stalker weirdos. 

The 4 coasters I made!  
Megan's coasters!
What are color blocked coasters, you ask? It's pretty simple! You just paint designs on a coaster. You could do color blocked or any other geometric designs.  We each got to make 4! 

Cassandra explaining what to do and not to do!
My setup - including a special mini cupcake for my birthday! :) Not really but let's pretend!
Work in progress
Still working away...
The final product! Love them! Except for my pepsi logo on the bottom left. Oops.

Do you like how I matched mine to my outfit? :)
Some people thought we were sisters! Are we? Nope, just besties!
Our view from the 2nd floor, downtown Seattle.
Christmas is getting closer! Have you done any fun Christmas DIY projects lately?

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