Tuesday, November 6, 2012

D-I-Y David

Remember this post where I picked up my beloved bust of David right after we got back from Italy? He was a score at $20 but I probably could have haggled it down a bit. I placed him on our bookshelf here and I thought he looked pretty good, but something still wasn't right. He needed a fresh pop of color paint job.

Enter: my first spray painting experience! My friends Megan and Shan {and I} had been planning a craft day, so what better time than now to start paining David?

Step 1: Pick out spray paint. I was deciding between this bright yellow and sort of teal blue. It's also important to purchase {and use} primer. Megan learned that the hard way. 

Step 2: Read directions on the back of the spray paint can. Primer 2 coats.
I actually kind of liked him white but our apartment is all white so he would be hidden if I left him this color. 

Step 3: Spray paint 2 coats of final color {yellow!}
Step 4: Allow 30-40 minutes to dry before transporting him in your car to your apartment from said friend's house. Allow 48 hours to dry completely.

Step 5: Do not drop David and get spray paint on your leather seats in your car. If you do, look up real quick on the internet how to remove it {hairspray on a cotton ball? Hallelujah!}

Step 6: Do not attempt to spot touch up because you dropped him on his head. It is probably windy and the spray paint will end up where you don't want it.

Step 7: Display on your bookshelf!

I survived my first DIY spray paint project! Barely....

The end!


  1. love the yellow david!! awesome idea

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