Friday, November 23, 2012


This is my first thanksgiving post since I started blogging! Sometimes I will admit that I do get kind of caught up in the shopping/sale extravaganza of the Thanksgiving Black Friday weekend. But, I feel so much better when I focus on all the things that I am thankful for, a gratitude list of sorts, so here are a few of the many things I am thankful for:
jake & i, circa 2007
megan & i, circa 2009
Baby Brynn!
my husband, friends, family, our apartment, our jobs, my new niece {baby brynn}, friends' dogs that i get to hang around with but not have to take care of, my health, my 4 blog followers, shopping with friends, happy hours with friends, phone calls with friends & just life in general.

I also think it's important to focus on the things we are thankful for, not just at Thanksgiving, but all year round. 

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