Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shoes + Feet

I have never been to Europe before...  but I already know what this trip is going to be crazy. First of all - when have I ever gone shopping like this for a vacation? I have spent so much money on new shoes, clothes, my very 1st maxi skirt, camera, tote bag {not purchased yet, but planning to} trying to prepare for 2 weeks... mind you, a vacation. First up on my list was: SHOES. I have been researching, reading, obsessing about what shoes to buy for months now. I even spent hours reading all 253 comments on one of my fave blogs.  Do you think I am crazy yet?

Well, a few weeks ago, I bite the bullet and went shopping and tried on shoes. After an hour in the Nordy's shoe department, I ended up with these bad boys:

Merrell Wonder Glove | via Nordstrom
...and for a fancier look:

Cole Haan Air Natalie | via Nordstrom

I plan to wear the 1st pair pretty much every day {on trails, hikes, adventures, travel days between cities}. I have been wearing them around Seattle on weekends to break them in. They are super comfy and I love them! The 2nd pair is for a fancier look, like dinner in the city or something. I still haven't worn them yet and I could probably take them back if I change my mind. They have Nike Air technology and they are definitely comfy, I am just not sure exactly how much I would wear them in Italy and back here for that matter. So, I am still undecided on these. I will probably keep them cause I am lazy, but I hope the little heel isn't a HUGE problem on the cobblestones and what not. I would love to hear advice from my friends that have been to Europe. Did I buy the right shoes????

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  1. I foudn this blog with a column "how I travel" that might be helpful. Different ideas on what to wear (including shoes), thought you might like!