Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello Internet!

My name is Kimberly and I live with my husband in Seattle, Washington.  By day, I am an accountant and by night, I like to take naps really late and then I can't fall asleep at a normal time.

I am pretty excited to start this thing up. I have been wanting to start a blog... forever but just haven't gotten around to doing it (plus all the good names are taken!). I decided to name my blog "vintage modern" because that was the theme of my wedding and it really describes me as a person as far as my aesthetic. More of my wedding story here. I know everyone is probably sick of looking at our wedding pictures, but I thought I would post the link just in case someone hasn't seen them yet.

Here are some of my goals for this blog:

1. Post daily. (I know, that's coming on a little strong, but I want to set the bar high). I also promise to use proper punctuation, and not type liKE tHiS or all lowercase. This is mostly for my brother's sake, but I actually think the trendy thing right now is to "write proper."  I should probably watch how often I use the quote marks too.
2. Share "the little things" so that my friends and family that live far away can get a glimpse into my daily life.
3. Give back to the blogging community. I have relied on blogs for almost anything you can think of: from how to create a sock bun (I'm wearing one today, google it) to planning our Italian honeymoon (more on that later). I mean, come on, there is so much out there on the internet. So, now I want to offer some of my perspective.
4. Once I get an iPhone later this summer, I will be able to post cool pictures from Instagram. Stay tuned. 

Are you ready, world?!?


  1. i love it! my favorite part is your about me, "i'm kinda gangster." so true! :) miss you friend!