Friday, May 18, 2012

My New Best Friend

We only met yesterday, but I can already tell she is going to be my new best friend. {Yes, I refer to inanimate objects/websites as he or she. Also all dogs are male "puppies" and all cats are female "kitties". I also refer to our apartment as our "house" regularly}. Anyway -- Have you heard of Trip It? It lets you plan your entire trip by entering your info manually or.... you just forward your confirmation emails directly to them and it populates the info for you! Cool, huh? Sorry the screen shot below is so small, but you get the idea right? You can add flights, trains, hotel accommodations, restaurants and activities. I probably don't even know half of the stuff it can do, but I am in awe and super excited to utilize this planning tool to the fullest.

Needless to say, I am obsessed. Shout out to my co-worker Roen and her girlfriend Felicia who told me about it. I am pretty sure I spent 4+ hours on the site yesterday. Oops. Now, I can abandon my old itinerary spreadsheet and use this exclusively. They also have an app, but we won't be using our phones (most likely, except for emergencies). I am one happy vacation-planning lady!

Happy weekend!

P.S. By promising to "post daily" in my first entry, I meant to say Monday - Friday and occasionally on the weekend. Basically, whenever banks are open. I am keeping banker's hours on my blog. And not a hometown credit union that's open on Saturdays either.

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