Wednesday, May 30, 2012

7:00 is Too Early for a Dentist Appointment

For some reason, I always book my semi-annual dentist appointment for the 7 am slot. I guess it is so I can get to work on time and don't have to take any sick leave, vacation or make up time later. But, geez, its a little early for laying in a chair with those bright lights and trying to talk to the dentist while they ask you questions.  Why do they ask you questions when you can't talk? Anyway, I got my teeth cleaned this morning and now I seriously don't want to eat anything for the rest of the day. This is a really good diet plan.  I am also wondering if there is a predetermined time that I am not supposed to eat {i.e. for two hours after going to the dentist. But, my co-worker says that is only when you are a kid and get fluoride. Oh, right - I knew that}.

This Saturday, I am going to my usual salon {The Loft Salon and Gallery} in Downtown Seattle. I am getting my brows waxed, hair cut and colored. I decided it's time for a change so I have been cutting out pictures from magazines and looking for new hair color inspiration. It will be a surprise! What I am really excited about is getting my brows waxed. It's been six weeks since my last brow wax and I have been using this brow serum called Librow which is supposed to stimulate growth if your brows have been plucked or waxed too much. Lately, I have been obsessed with my brows. So, I splurged on this serum to try and get mine to look like Lauren Conrad's brows. She is seriously my fashion idol. Anyway, my esthetician has ordered me not to pluck one single hair on my brows and I feel like they are totally out of control. So - only 2 more days of this and then I get them waxed. She said she helped someone grow out her brows for four years. Seriously. I hope it doesn't take that long for mine to look as good as LC's.

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Oh - I almost forgot to show you my chocolate croissant via Trader Joe's from yesterday. And yes, they look as good as they taste.  Happy Hump Day!   


  1. Every time I have my teeth cleaned, I feel the same way too. Haha! I feel like it'll go to waste if I eat something afterwards. I don't know why dentists ask questions while there's a lot of things inside your mouth. It's hard enough to open my mouth as wide as I can but then, they still want me to answer random questions.

  2. 7am is quite early for a visit to the dentist but I prefer early dental check ups so that I still have time to work and to play for the whole day. It’s good to know that your dentist accommodates you that early. Anyway, there are times that I also remind myself not to eat after cleaning my teeth, but my stomach protests a lot and I don’t have any choice but to eat again. Haha! :)

    -Eduardo Tomlin-