Sunday, February 14, 2016

What Exactly is the 21 Day Fix?

Hey guys... remember me? Sorry I've been MIA lately. February is the busiest month at work and the blog is the first thing to go. One thing that I committed to on February 1st was starting the 21 Day Fix. I had heard about it from several friends and co-workers and after my best friend told me she lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks, I was like, where exactly do I sign up?

I ordered my kit which includes different colored containers for different food types (think yellow for carbs, red for protein, etc). The kit also comes with daily workout DVD's and a guide to help you determine which foods go in which 'buckets'. The other key to this program is that you get a certain amount of containers each day. Think 3 veggie containers, 2 fruit containers, 4 protein containers, etc. They also want you to eat clean and avoid added sugar. Who knew that store bought tomato sauce had added sugar? 

A few surprising things have happened in these past 2 weeks:
  • My body doesn't crave sugar anymore. 
  • It's actually hard to eat all the food that you are supposed to each day -- it's too much food.
  • I don't get hungry as often as I used to. Before I would have my 10:00 am snack like clockwork but now I actually check in with myself to see if I am even hungry. If not, I drink water.
  • I made my own granola... and it was super easy. 
  • I have made a point to work out every single day for the past 14 days (minus 2 days when I was traveling for work and it was literally impossible with my schedule). 

I am very good at following the rules and having this sort of structure has been really good for me. I took before photos and I am very excited to see what my results will be. Stay tuned to find out! I'll post a review once I am done with the program. 

Another unique part of the program is the Accountability Group and the coaching aspect of it. I am part of an accountability group on Facebook where you post daily to -- think, after you've done your workout, to give and get support from others participating in the program as well and to ask questions. This has been my favorite part of the program BY FAR! 

One final thought - healthy eating is really a lifestyle and no amount of short term dieting will help you if you keep going back to your old habits. So, as they say -- it takes 21 days to form a habit and while I've been pretty good about exercising, I would always let myself splurge anytime we were traveling or going out to dinners. So, I think this program is also teaching me that what KIND of foods you eat matters -- just counting calories does not take into account that you are eating way too many empty calorie carbs and not enough nutritious fruits and veggies. 

Have you tried the 21 Day Fix? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Happy Valentines Day!

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