Friday, February 5, 2016

Unconventional Apps + Friday Five

You might remember that I used to be a blackberry addict. Jake converted to an iPhone a long time ago and he would hand me his phone, while he was driving, to respond to a text and I wanted to throw it out the window. I was like I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE THIS THING! I was terrified of giving up my keyboard. Little did I know that after finally converting in Fall 2012, I would totally fall in love with it. I am seriously obsessed with my phone and it's constantly at my side. 

One of the things I didn't like about my blackberry was there there weren't a lot of apps available and as a result, I couldn't use Instagram or my online banking app, or the Starbucks app. You get the point. Anyway, for Friday Five, I wanted to share 5 of my favorite unconventional apps. So, here goes... 

Run Pee 

I have used this app for about a year now. It tells you when you go to the bathroom (i.e. which scenes it's ok to miss) during a movie. 

Hotel Tonight 

You can book a hotel for the night. It's great for last minute deals and you can actually book up to a week in advance. We used this app and booked a hotel in Asheville for the weekend for less than $100/night.

Open Table 

I love eating out at restaurants. I hate calling to make reservations. Enter this app, which lets you make a reservation at many restaurants. I've earned a $50 dining certification and am on my way to my 2nd one... Woop! 


The best way to share your grocery list with anyone. It's real time, so the hubby can see that I crossed something off the list and he can add stuff to the list while I'm at the store. Feels like magic!


Have you heard of Spotify yet? It's $10/mo to get this app on your phone but it's 1,000% worth it. I use this to interface with my car and home stereo. I have not bought an album in probably more than 5 years (except for that darn Taylor Swift 1989 album).  I also have unlimited data grandfathered from AT&T so that helps. 

Do you have any life saving, fun unconventional apps? If so, please share! 

Happy Weekending,


  1. OMG the concept of "run pee" is hilarious to me! Hotel tonight sounds cool, too! Happy Friday friend!