Monday, December 14, 2015

Fall Print-Mixing | Floral + Stripes

I don't usually pay attention to when one season ends and another begins. But, as I was putting this outfit together, I wondered if it was too "fall-ish" and not wintry enough. So I looked it up and apparently Winter doesn't techincally start until December 21. Who knew? So, I guess I can wear this outfit for another week. Phew. 

With Christmas coming up next week (gulp.), what are your plans? For our last trip of the year (this reminds me of an introduction to a magic trick, ha), we are heading to Seattle to spend the holidays with Jake's family. We can't go back to Seattle without hitting up some of our favorite restaurants - Purple Wine Bar, Revel, La Carta de Oaxaca, etc. I have to stop myself or I will literally go to all of these restaurants.  I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone since we weren't there last Christmas and we only had a real quick stopover there this summer on our way to Hawaii for my brother's wedding. So, it's been a year and a half since we spent a full week there, which is crazy! Time flies!   

Anyway, I am obsessed with mixing floral with stripes for Fall. So, here is my newest creation. I've worn the scarf and jacket with a white and black striped dress that I have and I'm really loving the print mixing. It's very subtle... and this is coming from the girl who thinks stripes are a neutral. Aren't they??? 

| The Deets |

Leggings | Zella Live In Leggings
Jacket | Jcrew Field Mechanic Jacket
Striped Tee | Old Navy (old), similar
Flats | Old Navy Suede Pointy Ballet Flats 
Scarf | Nordstrom BP (old), no similar options 
Earrings | Dana Rebecca Designs 14k White Gold Bar Stud
Sunglasses | Rayban New Wayfarer Polarized

All photos by Joey @ Hodges Podges.


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  1. Loved this outfit on you friend! I'll miss you over the holiday but know you'll have a great time!

  2. Love the outfit, especially the jacket! Can't wait to see you in a couple short weeks!!!