Monday, December 7, 2015

20 Questions | Turks & Caicos Edition

I was inspired by a friend who posted this travel questionnaire to Facebook after a trip to Europe, so I thought I would be fun to answer a few questions about our most recent trip to Turks & Caicos.  So, let's jump right in (pun intended):    

Grace Bay

Favorite photo: 

See above. We ventured out to Grace Bay on one of our last days and it was incredible. The bluest water I've ever seen (sorry Hawaii). 

Favorite quote: 

I read this quote the first day of our trip and I couldn't agree more --  "Live your life with intention and attention". Boom!  

Favorite city: 

Providenciales. Well, that's the only island we went to. So we're going with that.  

Favorite beach: 

Grace Bay (pictured above). 

Favorite aspect of Caribbean Travel: 

How simple everything is. There is one security line and only a few gates at the airport. 

Proudest moment as an American: 

Reading our guidebook to understand the tipping customs so we didn't totally miss the boat. I'm proud to say that we tipped 20% on our free breakfast each morning. 

Most shameful moment as an American: 

Not asking questions and trying to understand the locals and their culture better.  

Strangest custom: 

Driving on the left but in an American car. 

Best decision: 

Choosing the Gansevoort Turks and Caicos as our home away from home. I cannot recommend it enough. We booked a package through Orbitz and I'm sure that saved us several hundred dollars. 

Worst decision: 

Not bringing or using bugspray. See 'Not looking forward to' below. 

Best discovery: 

Conch (as in: trying a fresh conch salad on a boat ride that we took on Thanksgiving day). 

Most startling discovery: 

Turks and Caicos isn't actually in the Caribbean. It's in the Atlantic. Who knew? 

Best day: 

The day we visited Grace Bay. 

Worst day: 

On our first full day, there was a huge rainstorm and it basically poured all day. Per the guidebook, there are 350 sunny days per year. So we just drank our sorrows all day.  

Best meal: 

An unassuming restaurant called Magnolias wine bar where we ate Thanksgiving dinner. I had the lobster and Jake had the tuna steak. It was simple but very well done. They even had a Pumpkin Pie dessert for us. 

Worst meal: 

We didn't have a bad meal per se, but the food was a lot more expensive than we anticipated. So, keep that in mind if you decide to take a trip here. I would definitely go back, but maybe just adjust my budget accordingly. 

Still excited for:  

Doing my blog post recaps and editing my photos -- duh! 

Not looking forward to:  

Scratching my bug bites. They still haven't fully healed yet. 

Most looking forward to: 

Jake and I sitting down and going through all 479 of our photos together.  

Most thankful for: 

The ability to travel. I sometimes take it for granted, but it's pretty cool to go from wanting to visit a place, researching it and then actually making it happen. It's pretty magical in my eyes! 


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  1. Love this, friend!! Such a creative way to share some of the details from your trip!