Saturday, November 1, 2014

High Point Highlights

My friend Megan came to visit from Seattle {!!!} a few weekends ago and we headed to High Point Market in High Point, NC! It was my second time and her first. I wrote a recap about my first time here, in case you feel like checking that out. As I mentioned last time, High Point happens twice a year and it's basically Fashion Week for the Furniture industry. It's not open to the public, but its mainly for industry and buyers and press {me!}. I still can't get over how big it is - 0ver 180 buildings! Over 10 million square feet of showroom space! Maybe we saw 2% of that in 4 hours? Below are some of the highlights from my latest trip to the Market!

Kalalou - love this sign and styling!

Go Home Ltd - This was my fave showroom both times! This wall of books would be perfect in my apartment. And you can actually buy every single book. How cool is that?!?

This pink chair is everything. Don't remember which showroom this was at, but isn't she a beauty?

Vintage Textiles which were super cool! I like the middle one in the bottom row.

Loved these gold and silver fingerprints. See what I did there? I think these would be kinda fun to try and DIY. Not that I'm really a DIY person, but you know? It could be cool. Or it could turn out terrible. Can someone try it and let me know how it goes?

Sugarboo Designs had a ton of cute stuff in their showroom, again:

Overall - it was another great trip checking out High Point Market! Thanks for joining me this time, Megan!


P.S. Can you believe it's November 1st? And so begins the 16 day countdown to my 30th birthday. Eek! 

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