Sunday, July 20, 2014


Back in April, I attended the High Point Market in High Point, NC. What exactly is High Point, you ask? Well, High Point is the biggest furniture trade show in the world! And industry insiders come from all over to attend.  It's North Carolina's largest conference -- over 70,000 people attend the market from over 100 countries. There is over 10 million square feet of showroom space in 181 buildings in the area. Kind of overwhelming, right?

I had first heard about the market from one of my favorite bloggers, Coco + Kelley in Seattle. It's not open to the public, so I felt very exclusive being able to attend as a member of the "Press". I even got to go on a private tour with Crystal Palecek from Rue Magazine.

Overall, it was a fun filled day exploring, taking photos, planning my dream home, instagramming, meeting new people, and just having a grand old time.

This was my favorite showroom - It's called Go Home Ltd. 

I'm obsessed with this Barcode Blanket:

Some other showrooms I loved:

Who's down to come with me to the next High Point Market? It's October 18-23. 

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