Friday, January 24, 2014

Favorite Red Lippies

Lately, I have really been into beauty products, mainly lipstick.  I think it has to do with my recent recognition from Sephora that I have been upgraded from a Beauty Insider to a VIB {get it?? kind of like VIP}. What does this mean?  It means I spent $350 at Sephora in a calendar year. Yikes! That is not good news. Part of the reason? I have been on an obsession to find the perfect red lipstick. And I've tried bought a lot of them. 

My first red was {1} MAC Dubonnet which is more of a vampy red, but I was actually looking for a more Kardashian red, thankyouverymuchladyattheMACcounter. Next, I ventured to the Benefit Makeup counter and tried {2} Flirt Alert. I really like this one! Very creamy and more of a cherry red which is what I was going for. Then... I put my search on hold for a while and didn't really pay much attention to the lipstick scene. I read in a recent Lucky magazine about {3} NARS  dragon girl velvet lip pencil.  I cut the page out of the magazine and it sat somewhere for a while. Then, while shopping in Sephora, I spotted the elusive dragon girl lip pencil! Well, not the actual pencil, but I saw the name label on the shelf and it reminded me that I needed it! So, on my next Sephora order, I added it to my basket. It came in a few days later and it is exactly how I envisioned. And it's my favorite red lipstick ever. You must try it! I think it works on every skin tone. It makes my teeth look whiter and its more of a blue based tone. I highly highly recommend it! And now.... the photos! Sorry, the lighting isn't great in any of these photos. I need a DSLR! 

From L to R {1} MAC Dubonnet, {2} Benefit Flirt Alert, {3} NARS Dragongirl velvet lip pencil and {4} Covergirl Flame 
From L to R {1} MAC Dubonnet, {2} Benefit Flirt Alert, {3} NARS Dragongirl velvet lip pencil and {4} Covergirl Flame
My new trick is wearing a red lip when I travel so I feel not-too-drab and icky from the dry airplane air. 

Finally, one more lipstick story. Did you watch Project Accessory back in 2011? It was a spin off from Project Runway and only lasted one season. One of the contestants {Christina Caruso} had the most amazing lip color and she wore it every single episode. It was a pinky red, watermelon color.  I googled {unsuccessfully} to try and figure out the brand and color name of what she wore. The other day I found her instagram and decided to give it a shot - I commented on one of her photos asking about what color she wore on the show and she commented me back! The very next day... how cool is that?!?!?! The color she wore is a {4} cover girl lipstick called Flame. So what did I do? Drive myself to Target that very day and pick some up! Holler! 

Now, photos of each color on:

In Italy, wearing {1} MAC Dubonnet
In Seattle wearing {2} Benefit Flirt Alert
In Charlotte wearing {3} NARS Dragongirl
{4} Covergirl in Flame
Do you have any favorite lipsticks? Red or otherwise? Please share in the comments below!



  1. Sephora sent me a red lipstick called Rouge and I love it! Red looks gorgeous on you!!!

  2. So beautiful!! I love it!!
    I'm now following you on Bloglovin! Hope you'll follow me back! ♥