Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's Boden Time

Have you all heard of the British company Boden? Within the past couple of years, they started shipping to the US and I have a mild obsession.  It's probably my favorite online shopping site after Jcrew {and Madewell and the Loft}.  When I first checked out their website, there was a million things I wanted.  But I had to restrain myself. I allowed myself to buy a dress that was on sale and one of their lovely Bretons.  The Breton is a simple long sleeve striped shirt but it is one of my favorite pieces. I want to wear it everyday. And it still looks great 2+ years later. As far as sizing goes, they have US sizing which is pretty spot on but I've found that some items run small. It just depends on what you are ordering.
Recently, I've been looking for a warm coat for Iceland and thought I would check Boden.  I ordered the Stockholm coat from there and also purchased a puffy coat at Target {as insurance, in case I didn't like the Boden one} for a great price. In the end I decided to go with the Stockholm coat and I ended up returning the Target coat. It was too shiny, not that warm and kind of made me look like a giant trash bag.
The Stockholm coat is amazing, complete with a fur hood! I am absolutely in love with it, as much as you can be with a material item, that is. I've actually worn it on a couple cold days here in Charlotte! Can you believe it? Cue Polar Vortex.... 
Target Coat on {L}; Boden Coat on {R}, Sorry it's blurry - I was on my tip toes, holding the phone above my head. Haha.
A close up of the Boden Stockholm coat
After reading a really good blog post on Wide Eyed Legless about editing your wardrobe, I've decided that I'm going to go through all my clothes and do this. I was actually thinking about doing it this weekend and this post really inspired me. So, I will be doing some spring cleaning in Winter. Ugh.. Is it still winter?!?!

A Full Length Shot of Boden Stockholm coat

Have you bought any amazing purchases lately? Or conversely, gotten rid of anything? I think going through my clothes will be very soul cleansing. I was reading the comments section of the blog post I mentioned above and the writer said she only has 75 pieces including bags and shoes. I'm going to count how much clothing I have and streamline. Quality, not quantity, ladies! 

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