Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Favorites

Merry Christmas… A few days late! Jake and I got back from Seattle on New Years Eye {Tuesday} and we are slowly getting into our Charlotte groove after a wonderful trip visiting family and friends on the West Coast. I'm glad we didn't get stuck in any crazy winter weather. All in all, everything was pretty mild in Seattle. A little chillier that we remembered and a couple gray, cloudy days. The usual. And we got to have some really good friends and family time. I think a week is a perfect length for a trip.. towards the end of it, I actually missed my office at work! Can you believe it? 

I have been trying to watch {read: monitor} my materialistic ways lately but wanted to share a few of my very favorite Christmas gifts that I received. 

Granted, I did write out a very specific list for Jake like I do every year - but it's mostly to get him going in the right direction. Although, I wouldn't be disappointed if he got all my gifts off the list. This year, he did follow the list mostly - I got leopard loafers, rayban sunglasses and this gorgeous jcrew necklace.   I have pictures of everything on Instagram if you're curious. 

Jcrew "Crystal Triangles Necklace" on Banksy book, "You are an acceptable level of threat"
But he did "think outside of the box" and got me a scarf he picked out himself {which I have been wearing for about 7 days straight} and a book about Banksy.  

Do you know Banksy? He is a secret street artist that spray paints his work without anyone knowing.  Justin Timberlake once claimed to be Banksy but I think he was making it up. Bansky = The Coolest Thing Ever. Jake even saw a Banksy original while he was in San Fran in 2011. He snapped this photo below.  Pretty cool, huh??? 

If at first you don't succeed - call an airstrike. - Banksy
One of my other favorite gifts was the smorgasbord of items I received from my sister in law.  Technically her husband picked my name for Christmas but I know she did the hard work to pick out my perfected curated selection of items.  A few of my favorites from her:

Ring holder from Anthro, bracelet and tray from etsy
Of course, Christmas isn't about getting gifts -- but it sure makes it a little more fun. Did you get anything fun/cool/exciting???? Please share!

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